Christmas Tree

DIY Eco-friendly Christmas Tree

We’re looking forward to a green Christmas and we are aiming to reuse and repurpose what we already have to decorate our house this year. Aarya, my daughter, and I made this Christmas tree from sustainably sourced silver birch logs and jute rope. Here are my notes about how we made it:

Our silver birch Christmas tree is made from responsibly sourced wood and decorated with recycled paper decorations
  • I used 7 silver birch logs (30-40mm diameter)
  • I used a 6m long jute rope (4mm diameter)
  • Evenly space the logs whilst keeping the rope taut.
  • Either tie or glue the logs with rope at each end thereby forming a tree shape
  • Stagger the logs in order of increasing length and repeat.
  • Hang the tree to the wall.
  • Use baubles and decorations made of either recycled or natural materials.
  • Choose biodegradable glitter (P.S it’s hard to find truly biodegradable and ethically made glitter) 
  • Opt for LED fairy lights 
The measurements for my DIY Christmas tree. All measurements are in cms.

Here are a few tips for the Christmas tree:

  • If you already have a plastic Christmas tree, don’t throw that away to get an eco-friendly one.
  • If you buy a natural fir Christmas tree, check to see if it’s locally sourced and FSC certified. Once it dies down, either recycle or repurpose the stump as wood chippings or your own home decor.
  • If you’re making your own Christmas tree, source the logs or wood from fallen tree branches and where possible, source locally.
  • Avoid plastic baubles and glitter decorations but don’t discard any you already have.

I am planning to reuse this Christmas tree for many years to come.

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