Paper bag snowflake decorations

They say every snowflake is different, well my hand-made ones certainly are.⁣

If you are looking to add a bit of festive cheer to your home and, like me, you want to avoid all the plastic baubles and tinsel this year these are just the thing. All you need is some paper bags, glue and scissors.⁣

I am re-using my hand-made snowflake paper decorations this year. I’ve shown in the video – how you can easily fold these away to re-use next year. ⁣

Paper bag snowflake decorations

I made a few of these snowflake paper bag decorations for Christmas a couple of years ago and have been reusing them every year since. They are very easy to make and look beautiful. Best of all they are made from cheap everyday materials and are plastic-free.

What you’ll Need

  • 6-8 paper bags (the kind used for sandwiches that expand to a long rectangular shape, without handles). A 5x15cm bag will make a 30cm diameter snowflake. You can even make your own ‘bags’ by folding plain paper and glueing it.

  • A stick of paper glue

  • Scissors

  • paper-clip

  • String for hanging


  • Take each bag and cut the pattern shown in the video. First, cut the corners off of the open end of the bags.
  • Then cut a v-shaped section out of each side, taking care to leave an uncut strip in the middle about 1-2cm wide.
  • Apply glue along the closed-end and along the length of the bag in the centre. Glue the bags together in a stack.
  • Lastly, you need to attach the top bag to the bottom one to complete a circle. Rather than glueing it, simply attach using a paperclip so that you can fold the snowflake decoration flat to store and reuse again next Christmas.
  • Use string to hang wherever you need a bit of festive cheer!

How to make a paper bag snowflake Video


  • You can experiment with the number of bags (strictly speaking 6 is the right number for a snowflake of course but there are no rules here!), colour, size and the pattern that you cut from the bag. 

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